A Rare Meeting … What’s Up?




The District Council’s “Local Development Framework Subcommittee” is the small group of councillors that looks at the Council’s Core Strategy for development. You’d expect it to meet really often, but there hasn’t been a meeting of this sub-committee since 30th October 2012!

However it is meeting at 11:00 am on Thursday 30th July – an awkward time for members of the public who might want to attend but go to work. No news yet about what they are discussing…

The members of the panel this year are:

UKIP Cllr J Hayter
Conservative Cllr Mrs G A Lucas-Gill
Conservative Cllr Mrs J R Lumley
Green and Rochford District Residents Cllr J R F Mason
Conservative Cllr C G Seagers
Conservative Cllr D J Sperring

The only one of these councillors who was at the last meeting is Colin Seagers.

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    • Jim, this is an official meeting of a council sub-committee so the public are certainly allowed in for the start of the meeting and don’t have to pre-book. However I’ve not seen the agenda yet. There could be some ‘private and confidential’ items for which the public would have to leave the building.

  • Looking down the list of attendees lets hope they haven’t organised this when the only Councillor with any chance of understanding any gerrymandering that might be afoot and most likely to have the local people in mind, Councillor John Mason, is away for any reason!

  • As advised by an Officer “The meeting’s to consider an environmental capacity study for the district and the study consultants will also be in attendance.” I also believe that Councillor Ward is on this Sub Committee and is most likely to be the Chair. I expect to attend. John

  • Visit http://www.seeaga.uk to see the greater detail of 70,000 new dwellings in South East Essex including Rochford District.

    For local residents you need to also know that the Revision of The Core Strategy in our District could bring at least another 2000 new dwellings or may be more if neighbouring districts decide to ask our Council to take some of their housing needs.

    This is underway in the form of the LDF Sub Committee (where I represent Rochford District Residents and Green) and you might like to read the Minutes of the first meeting for three years to see the sort of issues that I have raised already.


    The Chairman is Rayleigh Conservative Councillor Dave Sperring.

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