A Question For Our Readers About Roads

Ron and Chris would be glad of your comments on the following question.

The proposed new housing ‘North of London Road’ is likely to be in the area marked in mauve: (click on it to enlarge it)


Most of this will be housing, some will be open space.

The intention is that two-thirds of the housing will be accessed from London Road. About one-third will be accessed from Rawreth Lane

The proposal is to have a link for buses, cyclists and pedestrians only between the two parts of the site. A bus link could be good, allowing a circular bus route going Rayleigh High Street – Station – London Road – New Housing – Asda – Rawreth Lane – Hullbridge Road- Down Hall Road – Station – High Street.

Our question is – should this link allow car access too, to create a new traffic route between Rawreth Land and London Road ? Would this help traffic flow – or would it cause new bottlenecks at the new junctions of Rawreth Lane and London Road?? Downhall Park Way was deliberately designed to only have one entrance , to avoid the various side roads off Down Hall Road becoming rat-runs. But do people at the southern end of Downhall Park Way feel cut-off from things – or is it more peaceful being at? at the end of a big cul-de-sac?

  • As a long term resident of DPW I am very happy to live in a “large” cul-de-sac. Whilst we still get the usual speeding morons at least they are in the minority. The thought of it being a cut through does not thrill.

  • It would be very handy for me as a short-cut to ASDA, I do walk from London Road area sometimes but if I’m getting a lot of shopping I drive and going via A1245 and London Rd, it is about 3 miles by car.

    I can walk or cycle via the park but not drive that way.

  • When we moved into DHPW I did think I would get frustrated at having to drive all the way up to Rawreth lane before getting anywhere (especially as my mum lives off of London Road and you have to do a very large “U” turn for the station or Rayleigh). This hasn’t been the case, a safe walk to school, a nice neighbourhood and a general feeling of being safe. There are pedestrian cut throughs into Eastcheap or Deepdene which ensures you can walk to town/station easily. If there was car access into London Road from the new estate I would probably use it depending on what it was like – it might ease the conjestion at the bottom of Down Hall Road by the pub – although with the increase in houses comes the increase in cars…

  • With all the proposed developments North of London Rd, Hullbridge and all points east what is going to be done to relieve the traffic in Rawreth Lane; getting worse by the day.
    It is especially clogged in the mornings, made worse by the traffic lights at DPW and Asda. Of course the tailback has an impact on Hambro Hill and Hullbridge Road. God knows what its going to be like when all these developments are built

  • With all the current problems along the London Road heaven help us when the Eon site is developed, let alone the 550 planned further down!
    This part of Rayleigh is regularly gridlocked, & what with the on-going Tesco Express situation, any journey from here will be a nightmare, let alone our quality of life!
    Can’t someone, somewhere, find an ounce of old fashioned common sense?
    I’m well aware that more housing is needed, but wonder whether the quantity may be over optimistic? In the current economic climate who is going to be able to afford these properties? What percentage will be so-called affordable?
    On a positive note; the proposed Traveller site etc at Michelins farm is good thinking, providing access & egress from the site is carefully thought out.

  • Personally my partner & I think that a properly planned route for all traffic including cars would be more beneficial to new and existing residents in the area as a choice of two exits/entrances to the new development would help traffic flow. Such a road should include properly lit pavements, traffic calming measures including a 20mph speed limit.

    Is there any update on the housing planned for Rawreth Lane Industrial estate? How will these plans compliment the development on the Green Belt and Eon sites?

  • TWR, yes there is housing planned for the Rawreth Industrial Estate, though the timing on this is not so clear. There is a figure quoted of up to 279 houses here, which is not something I can support!

    Eon will be EXTRA to all this housing.