A New Blog About Essex – Essexology

It’s good to see a new blog about Essex – not a political blog, but one that seeks to challenge Essex stereotypes and remind people of our county’s natural beauty, industrial heritage and historic locations. It is called Essexology , is written by Julia Hammond and you can find it here.

Here’s a sample about Battlesbridge:

It takes its name from the Battaille family, with a mention in a 1351 document as the settlement of Bataillesbregge. This also indicates that there was a bridge as far back as the 14th century, though the present day iron structure is much later, dating from 1872. It was the second iron bridge to be constructed; the first was struck and irreparably damaged by a passing steam traction engine.

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  • Thanks Graham, if I do a follow up blog on Battlesbridge I know who to ask. And thanks Jo, we do indeed live in a beautiful, if sometimes undervalued, place.

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