A Historic Council Meeting

Last night’s District Council committee meeting was a special one. It was the first time that members of the public were allowed to speak at the meeting about planning applications. This has been a Lib Dem policy for a long time, and we feel really pleased that we finally managed to get the council to agree to this. Therewew about 60 people in the public gallery, mostly for the Hockley application.

The key decisions last night were as follows:

Conversion of Mushroom Shed to 4 light industrial units at Pond Chase Nursery , Hockley – PASSED, but only just. It was approved on the chairman’s casting vote after a 13-13 tie.

Building of 2 flats in Harper Way , Rayleigh – REFUSED by about 25-2 after Chris and June Lumley proposed refusal.

Building of 2 houses in Hillview Road, Rayleigh – REFUSED by a clear margin after Cllr John Pullen moved refusal.

We’ll add a full report over the weekend.

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