A Great Evening in the Council Chamber




It was a real treat to be in the Rayleigh Civic Suite tonight. The 5th Rayleigh Scouts came along to have a look at the Council Chamber, sat in the councillors chairs and asked Chris lots of questions. And there really were a lot of questions. For example:

Who has been chairman of the council the most length of time?
What is that scroll on the wall?
What time of year do you have elections?
Who sits on that bench there?
What are those trophies?
How many people attend meetings?
How many people vote in elections?
Are you friends with any of the other councillors?
When is the new Skateboard area opening at the Park School Site?
Where do people vote?

After the question and answer session we had a quick debate on where it would be best to have another skateboarding area in Rayleigh. One scout proposed near the High Street, but that was voted down. Somebody else proposed St John Fisher Field, but that was voted down as well. Finally the Scouts voted in favour of having one in the Grove Road area.

Just a bit of fun tonight, but who knows, maybe one of these guys will be inspired to stand for election themselves in 10 years time

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