A Good Start For “West”




The West Area Committee had a good start tonight. Some interesting discussions, and there were 13 members of the public present. Maybe the stars of the show were the 3 members of the public who asked lots of questions – local campaigner Steve Skinner, and onlinefocus regulars Alison Mayor and Mike Nobes!

We’ll write a more detailed report later on. Incidentally, Simon Smith beat Chris Black 10-5 to be vice-chairman of the committee, with voting following party lines

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  • I am glad to see the West Area Committee now up and running and shall hope to be able to get along to its next meeting on 04/09/07 at Down Hall Primary School.

    I was wondering if St Nicholas’ church building, Rawreth would be of any value/use as a future meeting venue? I would certainly be pleased to make it available for such a purpose. (The interior of St Nick’s has been thoroughly re-ordered recently, so is now a flexible space looking for a greater range of community uses. And yes, that includes a good kitchen and loo, and disabled access, so all needs catered for!..)

    Chris/Ron/whoever….do let me know if this is of any value. Go well.

    Paul (Parish Priest, Rawreth)

  • Hi Paul,

    I passed on your offer today to the council committee section. All the venues for 2007-2008 are already arranged (including Rawreth Village Hall).

    However you will be contacted in the new year, probably by Sonia Worthington, with the possibility of being a venue in 2008-2009.

    I can say that the council is encouraged by offers such as yours!

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