A Good Start – ?400,000 Being Spent On Piping

From the Echo:

FLOOD victims are hoping to benefit from ?400,000 of new drains being laid by Anglian Water.
The work, which is due finish next month, involves laying more than 5,500ft of pipes in Beeches Road, Rawreth, which has regularly suffered flooding in recent years.
Two new pumps will also be installed at Anglian Water?s pumping station, along with a equipment to contain sewage.
Peter Plummer, chairman of the newly-formed Rawreth Flood Action Group, lives nearby in Church Road, which has similar problems, having been flooded 19 times in the past 13 years.
He said: ?It is a start, but only a start.
?If they?re laying pipes, they are just going to get blocked with silt. When it rains heavily, you can see it getting washed off fields into Watery Lane and Beeches Road.
?They need to find a way to stop that happening. Ditches and culverts also need to be cleared to re-establish the natural flood defences.?

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  • Please note this is not a flood prevention solution but is the replacement of a foul sewer . Despite much pressure from residents and to a certain extent RDC s engineer very little has been done to alleviate the problems in Watery Lane . Action needs to be seen to be done before next winter.Do not be fooled into thinking that it is water running off the fields .It is because the drains ,that are the responsibility of County Highways ,that were designed to take the field water as part of the agreement when the road was widened years ago,are silted up as they are not regularly maintained . It was left to a local resident to hire a silt gulper to clear the gullies in the winter of 2012/13. Nothing much has changed since,some ditch clearance ,not much else.