A Good Night For The Blues



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2 a.m. –  Chris Black writes:

Came second again ??
My vote was up by about 400 but the UKIP / English Democrat vote collapsed and went to the Tories , so I lost by about 600.
The Tories did not expect to do so well – even during the count one very prominent Tory told me he thought it was “too close to call”
The Tories won all 5 county seats in Rayleigh and Rochford – I was shocked and disappointed to see Michael Hoy lose for the Greens in Rochford West.
June Lumley won in Rayleigh South. Chris Stanley came a creditable 3rd in Rayleigh South. The previous County Councillor , UKIPs Keith Gibbs plummeted from 1st to 4th.
On the positive side it was an enjoyable campaign and we’ve gained some great new members. And the next County Council elections are only 1460 days away.
A BIG THANK YOU  to everyone who helped us in the campaign, everyone who wished us luck at the polling station, and indeed everyone who voted for us.


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  • Disappointed for you personally Chris as I know that you would have served us well, you ran a good campaign without any personal attacks on the other candidates. On a low note – I believe the turnout was around 30-33%, which means the other 70% could not even be bothered to vote, totally disgraceful. On a high note, it looks like Jeremy Corbonkers Labour lefty loonies will be consigned to history after the 8th June….

  • Sorry you missed out Chris (by default)but not surprised your number of votes increased – they’re justly earnt.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully next time!

  • On average only about 1 in 3 people bother to vote in Local elections so what we get is the same old, same old.
    In the General Election the average is only about 2 in 3 voting – the Demoraphic analysis of voters says the younger
    members of the electorate are the ones that do not vote , hence we get the same old, same old……..
    Those that do not bother to vote have no claim to moan about either Council or Government policy /performance.

  • Jim, you are correct, apathy rules. But for anybody out there in Focus land who feels they can’t be bothered just say these three words out loud. Prime Minister Corbyn, if that’s not enough to get you to the polls and put a cross in the blue box then nothing will. You could also tick the yellow box for Tiny Tim but people that stand in the middle of the road tend to get run over….

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