A gamble with our future


This year’s Autumn budget has attracted all the wrong attention, coming under fire from economists as ‘a bit of a gamble’.

Many think increasing our national debt while splashing the cash on tax cuts for the rich, is a bad idea.

Speaking on the budget, Paul Johnson, the director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies says,

“This is no bonanza,”

“If I were a prison governor, a local authority chief executive or a head teacher, I would struggle to find much to celebrate. I would be preparing for more difficult years ahead.”

Also described a ‘sticking plaster’ budget, the Chancellor’s plans see token amounts of money being spent to prop up local services.

Schools are being handed a small windfall, but it will not make up for the huge real terms cuts they face each year.

This budget is just one more example of how backward the Conservatives priorities are for our country. While everyone needs a break from austerity it is not a good plan to increase our national debt to pay for tax cuts for the richest in our society.