A Fight On Their Hands




If the Conservative Cabinet try to increase the annual rent for the Grange Community from ?50 to ?4000 pounds per year, they will have a fight on their hands. It is likely that the Lib Dems will call-in the decision to the full council , using powers under the council constitution:

….the decision will come into force, and may then be implemented, on the expiry of 5 working days after the publication of the decision, unless referred to Full Council by a minimum of 3 Members or called in by the Review Committee.
During that period, the Proper Officer shall:-
refer a decision to be taken at the Full Council if a Member(s) provides him/her with the names of 3 Members who require the relevant decision to be referred

The best thing to happen is for the Tory Group on the District Council to re-think this at their next group meeting – and change their minds.

Otherwise there will be a very long and fierce debate at the next full council meeting. We’ll be outnumbered by 32 to 5 , but that’s better than at cabinet , where the situation is 9 Tories to 0 Lib Dems.

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