A Faulty Streetlight In Rayleigh




We’ve had a complaint from a couple of residents about a streetlight that’s not working. It’s the lamp-post marked ‘2’ in Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh near the junction with Downhall Road.

What’s aggravating is that it’s been out of action since before Christmas – and it’s near a busy junction too.

We’ve been told today by County Highways that the fault is caused by a faulty electricity to the lamp-post – and that has to be fixed by EDF Energy, and they give low priority to fixing these faults compared with say, a domestic supply problem.

Even so, it should have been fixed by now – the problem is that EDF don’t think they can dig up the road whilst the gas pipe replacement work is going on.

We’re stressin that this work needs to be done, we’ve pointed out that this is a busy junction and the lamp-post needs to be restored as soon as possible…

If you know of any other streetlights that need attention you can report it to County Highways on 0845 6037623. But if it’s been out of action a long time, plase let us know.

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  • There is a dangerous lampost in eastwood road by the junction of daws heath road. A lorry knocked it down before christmas and it was then cut in half and the top half removed .The bottom half has tape wrapped around it and is still bent over, in the dark evenings it is very hard to see when driving. This is an accident waiting to happen.

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