A Disappointing Meeting….




Tonight’s West Area Committee was a bit disappointing. The only optimistic item was on Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park – and that was almost inspiring -water voles and eels doing well, 35000 more trees to be planted – but that only just touches the West Area.

Main talking point of the evening was on bad parent parking outside schools. Tory Town Councillor Cherul Roe said she was a parent of a child at Grove Wood School, the parent parking there was “hideous” , that it affected most schools, and one day a child will get killed.

Parking enforcement has been transferred from the police to rhe District Council. The police won’t take action now just because someone is parked on a yellow line – that parking has to be dangerous or inconsiderate.

For RDC, Shaun Scrutton said that it had been difficult to take action, because parents just drove away when they saw a parking warden coming. However wardens will soon be able to write down numbers and send tickets by post.

Chris Black then asked for an update on this new ‘capability’ to come to full council next week, as it affects all parts of the district. The cabinet member for this subject is Keith Hudson.

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  • Chris,

    Any feedback on this parking issue? While I agree that more needs to be done about dangerous parking, I’d be interested to know what the burden of evidence is if a warden is going to be able to issue fines after someone has driven away. Will they require time stamped photographs to prove an offence has taken place?

    It is interesting that the police say they will only get involved with parking issues if they are deemed to be dangerous or inconsiderate – I could name a few incidences that fall into this category.

    By the way, any news on the improved lighting and crossing at the Rawreth Lane/Downhall Park Way junction? With the clocks going back it is really apparent how poorly lit this junction is.

  • To be able to send parking tickets by post, the council needs to be able to get the addresses of car-owners quickly.
    The latest news is that the District Council will have a link to the DVLA soon, amd will be able to issue tickets by post before the end of the year.

  • Of course Priory Chase would have to be fully adopted by the Highways department for road markings to be legally recognised before parking tickets could be sent to the inconsiderate and dangerous parking of vehicles outside St Nicholas Primary and vicinity…

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