A Couple of Planning Applications

For those interested in the retrospective signs application from Asda, we are repeating the link to it here.

Another recent planning application is from Downhall Under Fives for a building in the playing field behind Ferndale Road. (This would be a replacement building for the scouts building that they used to use.)

Slightly confusingly, this land is in Hullbridge… But anyway, the link is here.

As always, District Councillors must remain impartial on these applications until they come to committee. However we would welcome your comments here (and of course you can formally submit your comments to RDC via these links)

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  • Just wondering – would a store need planning permission to install an external tannoy system? If so, did ASDA submit planning permission for an external tannoy system – The system is so loud that I heard the announcement clear as day whilst in my kitchen this evening – I thought ASDA claimed that they were going to be the perfect neighbour, obviously another lie they have told!

  • Corey

    I don’t this this is a dedicated external system. I have been walking past and heard the announcements and they appear to be from a speaker in the yard area that relays the same messages that are given out in store.

    I suppose this is so that staff can be contactedurgently if they are working in the yard and are needed in the store and do not have an Asda phone (that all the managers seem to have)?

    Perhaps a request to Customer Services for them to turn down the volume may be an idea?

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