A Couple More Meetings

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) ... the Central Area Committee will meet at Greensward College at 7:30. Main topics are:

  • Update by Acting Chief Inspector A Parkman on Crime and Disorder in Hawkwell, Hockley and Hullbridge.
  • Update by Richard Evans, Head of Environmental Services, on the Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park.
  • Someone from the Onlinefocus team is likely to be in the audience to watch….

    Wednesday Night…. the December meeting of Rawreth Parish Council. Unfortunately Chris and Ron will have to miss this one, as there is a special private and confidential meeting of Rochford District Council to deal with the waste contract.

    Main items at Rawreth are likely to be :

  • Decisions on giving out grants
  • Agreeing the Parish Council budget for 2008-2009
  • Filling the councillor vacancy.
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