A Contested Vote




If you were due for appraisal at work, who would you like to do it? That clever bloke with plenty of experience who will assess you firmly and honestly – or someone you have picked?
Well, we have a similar situation at the District Council. The Conservatives are frantic for their choice to be the Chair of the Review Committee. This important committee overviews and scrutinises the work of the council cabinet. It has to be chaired by an opposition councillor.

The largest opposition group has nominated Councillor Michael Hoy. This is a good choice and is supported by the Lib Dems. On any normal council this would be agreed without any dispute.

However, the Conservative Group have a cunning plan to have their choice of the opposition person who in charge of scrutinising them.. They have nominated Councillor Jamie Burton. The vote will be interesting. The Tories are trying to affect independent assessment of their performance by having their own appointee in place!

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  • No surprise there then , this reflects the national situation too , let’s face it the Tories are much better at spin and manipulating the media – they learned that lesson from Blair / Mandleson and the Director of Communications role.

    The coming election will present them with a bigger majority and therefore the confidence to impose more cuts in
    “services” and manipulate policy even further – this appointment will be very much part of that ‘control’……..

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