A Case of Bad Planning?

Residents may have noticed the yellow notices that are attached to street furniture in the vicinity of intended development areas and these are usually supplmented by letters to nearby residents. However, it recently came to attention of some Council members that these letters had been suspended without any consultation with members.

Independent Cllr Mike Wilkinson has been trying to find out why these letters were no longer being sent out amid fears that residents who were ‘staying home, saving lives and protecting the NHS’ had not been able to see the notices that were attached the street furniture – fair point in these unusual times we’d say.

Officers claimed that due to them having to work from home they didn’t have the facilities to send out the letters. Despite Cllr Wilkinsons solicitude at the situation, members have been told that the Council was fulfilling its statutory duty.

A warning to residents, if you wish to be kept informed of planning applications there is some help available. Follow our blog here (we do our best to cover ‘significant’ planning applications, sign up to the Councils mailing lists here and keep an eye on their website where they publish weekly decisions (these can be ‘called in’ by Councillors if there is further scrutiny needed)