A Busy Week Next Week….

This week has been a quiet one for council meetings, but things will get much busier in a few days time.

According to the Echo, next Monday is when the Conservatives are holding their group meeting to discuss the District Core Strategy and whether they will really allow another 1,800 homes in Rayleigh.

On Tuesday night we have the West Area Committee meeting at Downhall Primary School in Rayleigh – where the public can speak and ask questions. Could be interesting…. You can download the agenda here..

On Wednesday night there’s a meeting of the cabinet.. You can download the agenda for that one here.

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  • I have recently enlisted the help of Mark Francois MP in my attempt at understanding the problems that the Planning Department of Rochford District Council has in getting meaningful statistical information with regard to housebuilding in the Rochford District. I am now no wiser than when I posed the question. I cannot fault the MP, Mark Francois, who put my questions and concerns as elequently as I had proposed them. My main concern was that in the letter to Mr. Francois from the planning department, it appeared that they are happy enough to work to the premis that we accept what they give us, the residents that put these people in to the positions they hold or should I say that these people are in these positions because of the people we vote for.
    The Letter from Mr Francois did not fill me with a feeling that he was confident with the people who was running our lives.
    At best our District Planning Department is not in tune with local residents, as the debacle of the issue of Weir Gardens v the proposed construction of flats will contest. My main concern and overriding all else is that our local government is now all about not upsetting the PARTY and not about what is right for the residents of Rochford Distrct and to me my home town of Rayleigh. I truly hope that we can overcome all the problems that we have to face but that can only come about if we are resolute in our aims. Tory Councillors either be aware or look to your hearts!

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