Which type of housing is there a shortage of?

Struggling to get on the housing ladder? Looking to upsize or downsize? Is there really no housing available in our District? Let us know your experience

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Seems to me this business of ‘ truly’ affordable housing’needs addressing , so what has happened to the Modular partly homes that were muted a couple of years ago?. Being mostly factory pre-assembled they are much cheaper to build on-site and quicker I would suggest , cheaper units like that would make Brown Field sites more viable. In Spain they build Quad Apartments , 4 off upstairs and 4 downstairs all back to back with sound insulated party walls , the footprint being about the size of a 4 Bed Detached house. That’s 8 x 1 Bed Apartments or 4… Read more »
The Mighty Oz
The Mighty Oz

Jimbo, like your thinking mate but….I’m not sure our little snowflakes want a “prefab” they want as a minimum a 3 bed detached and they want it NOW. That’s after spending £15k plus on a wedding and then moaning they can’t afford a deposit on a house. It’s so unfair…..🙄