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Janet Warner

You have my sympathy! Get better soon, God bless.
Good news this week, The Grange Post Office & shop is up & running again with extended services.
Every good wish to Kevin & his staff, welcome back!
REMEMBER, USE IT OR LOSE IT! That applies to the other traders on the parade too. Tesco Express has taken it’s toll.
These local shops are important for our community & give us choice. They have been a life saver during the bad weather.
Thanks to them all for remaining open.
Janet Warner.

Rayleigh Resident

Chris and team,

Sorry if this is not the right place for this post but…

What is the Lib Dems approach to overseas aid, surely Cleggy and Co should be opposing this lunacy.


RR.Overseas aid does not constitute a drain on our economy. It would be immoral to reduce our contribution to our former colonies .Some redistribution maybe ,ie India need to redistribute their wealth where huge contrasts exist . Many young economies in Africa have suffered corruption and exploitation, some through our legacy ,these need help to develope their democracies and their own assets . Aid should be focused on direct improvement to the population as a whole and not on arms .Both Cameron and Clegg should be commended on their stand ,hopefully setting an example to other developed countries .You may… Read more »
Rayleigh Resident

No problem – I vote to send the 150,000 earmarked for the Lubards Farm crossing to Africa.

You are both completely out of touch with public opinion…..in fact bonkers….

christine paine
Got to agree with RR that you are both out of touch with public opinion, but then again what politician isn’t these days. How can anyone justify sending billions of our tax money overseas when people in this country are relying on food banks to feed their families? We owe nothing to our former colonies, most of them couldn’t wait to see the back of us, in fact many of them staged rebellions and what would now be called terrorist activities to get rid of us – remember the Mau Mau, EOKA, I certainly do. One day soon (and it… Read more »
Chris Black
Never confuse being ‘out of touch with public opinion’ with ‘making your mind up for yourself’! I know pretty well what public opinion is on this. In particular I have a friend who’s lived in several third world countries, he thinks that overseas aid is wasted – and he can persuade me on case-by-case basis, but not on the general concept. Your point about food banks is a good one, though, Pauline. The coalition is helping people by reducing the income tax paid by the lower paid. Though the changes to council tax benefit will make it harder for some… Read more »
Rayleigh Resident

Food Banks ?

Anyway, if anybody is any doubt this is what two billion quid looks like.


That’s a few new schools, improved hospitals, better infrastructure, etc all in the UK. Times are tight for millions of Britons at the moment, remember charity begins at home. I see little difference in these overseas countries despite money being poured into them for decades.

Christine is spot on, pursue these policies and prepare to end up with less votes than UKIP.