?513,000 Pupil Premium For Rayleigh and Wickford Constituency

Chris Black received the following email today from Lib Dem Education Minister Sarah Teather:

Dear Christopher

Liberal Democrats have always believed that education is the engine of social mobility, now we are making it happen.
Today the Government released the final Pupil Premium figures for every English local authority, constituency and school. I am delighted to announce that every school this year will receive an extra ?488 for each child on free school meals they have on their roll.
Schools in your constituency of Rayleigh & Wickford are getting an extra ?513000 from the Pupil Premium to improve the education of the most disadvantaged children. You can find out what each school in your council area is getting by clicking here.

This is a real milestone for our party. The Pupil Premium is a policy we devised and campaigned for, and put at the heart of our Coalition negotiations. Now it is more than good policy, it is a reality making a difference to the school down your road. It goes directly into classrooms and will benefit all pupils…….

……Thank you

Sarah Teather MP
Minister of State, Department for Education

  • Dear Christopher
    I congratulate you on your elevation to representing the Rayleigh & Wickford Constituency (as an MP?) by the beloved Minister Sarah and her favouring you with £513K.
    This RDC Ward Councillor in the East of RDC looks forward with great anticipation to an even better announcement and receiving its direct (email?) communication too from the Minister re the Rochford & Southend East Constituency, and especially for the officially much more deprived residents of Foulness & Great Wakering and similarly for Ward Councillors in the neighbouring Rochford ward, who also played their part in empowering the Coalition Government and thus elevating her to a ministerial position.

  • Alas, we may never know whether or not Wilde really did say, “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence.” Whatever the truth, if used in good humour, it takes intelligence to use it and intelligence to understand it and I consider that it rather softens political debate on occasion, preventing it from becoming a bar brawl.

    ” I have nothing to declare except my genius.” Marvellous.