44 Essex Libraries Remain Under Threat




PRESS RELEASE – Essex Liberal Democrat press release regarding today’s Extraordinary Full Council Meeting regarding Essex Libraries

At today’s Extraordinary Full Council Meeting, the first in 25 years, a motion to protect all 74 Essex libraries was voted down.

The debate was preceded by well-researched and thought-provoking questions which were asked by residents from a packed public gallery.

Cllr Mike Mackrory, Leader of the Opposition, proposed the motion which would rule out any closures, encourage better use of libraries as community hubs and maximise the use of library buildings and sites to generate income.

Despite 57,000 petition signatures and 21,000 consultation responses, some Conservative councillors stated that the meeting was a waste of time, money and resources. Cllr Stephen Robinson queried whether ‘Does this mean the Conservative councillors think that listening to residents’ concerns is a waste of time?.’

Lib Dem councillors made the case that libraries are not just a book borrowing service, they are a vital community resource, especially in isolated communities who have seen their pubs, shops, community hubs and other community facilities close in recent times.

At the end of the debate, the Conservative administration voted down proposals to keep libraries open.

Cllr Mike Mackrory said ‘I am sure residents will be very disappointed at the response from the conservative administration, but the fight goes on to Save Our Essex Libraries.’


Note to editors, please see link to the Order Paper which includes detail of all the public questions here

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