£430000 Bailout To Save Our Leisure Facilities




The Council has revealed that Fusion Lifestyle has estimated that it could cost up to £430,000 to save the leisure facilities from potential closure that it operates across the Rochford District.

In a public report, the decision will be taken by the Executive Committee on the 11th August 2020. These costs are only until the end of the 2020/21 financial year and after that, there could be an additional burden on the public purse to maintain these. facilities moving forward. What cost this will be at is yet unknown.

We don’t think Fusion has operated very well during the pandemic with many residents reporting that communications have been poor and a lack of certainty over its future reopening plans has meant many have canceled their memberships. Some residents have also complained about the lack of hygiene in the facilities previously during ‘normal’ times and they simply don’t have the confidence that Fusion is up to the job of ‘stepping up’ to the demands of a stricter hygiene routine.

In a nutshell, the report doesn’t make for good reading, and it does appear ‘the writing is on the wall’ for the closure of many of these facilities in the long term if such a poor contract is allowed to continue to hemorrhage money without a serious and professional look at the long term strategy.

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