2 Planning Applications Just In – Caravans + Horses Off Hullbridge Road, Two Houses Off Cheapside East – UPDATED

Here are two of the latest planning applications:

The first is in Downhall and Rawreth ward, we think just inside Rayleigh’s parish booundary:

Application 15/00448/FUL
Location: Land South Of Woodville, Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh, Essex,
Mixed Use of Land For The Stationing of Caravans For Residential Purposes and Keeping of Horses Together With the Formation of Hardstanding and Utility/Dayroom

UPDATE: 8th August – Although we have not yet received paper copies of the plans we now understand that the application is for one traveller pitch – that is, for one static caravan and 1 touring caravan.

The second is in Grange ward:

Application 15/00490/FUL
Location: Land Rear Of 37 And 39, Down Hall Road, Rayleigh, Essex,
Proposed 2no Detached 3-bed Houses with Private Access Driveway from Cheapside East. Parking to be Provided to Rear of No. 4 Downhall Road

Update: 8th August – Chris Stanley has been doing some digging on this and , as we suspected, there is a typo on the council website, parking is proposed to be provided at the rear of number 41 Downhall Road, not 4

  • The local council have not considered any of the local residents when it comes to planning to build travelling sites or more houses.
    The impact it will have on the school doctors facilities let alone wild life.
    Travellers don’t pay council tax or rent to help subsidise the council.
    The councillors have not spoken to local residents they need things that would benefit community not destroy it.

  • The site at Woodville has come at at least 3 times at Rayleigh Town Council, the last being last Monday. Each time the recommendation has been refusal. It is then up to R.D.C. to make the final decision. I know that the local residents vehemently oppose the plans because one couple are good friends of mine and their daughter is also living in the area. Many of us do listen to residents but sadly the ward councillor can be out voted by others. However, this is more likely to be at a District level.

  • I think the issue with Travellers sites that never comes up is they are no go areas for police ,they do not admit it but they are ? my son three weeks ago was playing football at Runwell park ,church road and was shot 3 times by traveller kids ,the guns were air rifles of some type and they fired about 20 times with pellets going past youths and adults ,my son was hit three times in the leg and back each broke skin and bruised up. Police were called immediately yet after 90 minutes and further calls they did not even bother coming. as we left the kids were in the carpark laughing. they came from the site at the end of the park. when I got home I phoned and asked to speak to the Essex police commissioner which managed to get two coppers round my house in 10 minutes. they openly admitted they can only talk to these people through a liaison officer and the reason nobody came was because we had said they were from the travellers site. Maybe this should also be kept in mind by councillors. Along with on these legal sites they can stay forever should these not be you can stay a maximum of a year and then move on ? otherwise what makes you a traveller from the rest of us?

  • What has changed from the previous application, which had been refused, to warrant any thought of a change to present day approval?
    It would seem to be a matter of least interference and resistance from those aware of what is going on.

    Why are these inflammatory applications even considered, when it is obvious what the reaction from local residence is going to be?
    An automatic negative response from our local council planning group, should be the norm, unless some extraordinary mitigating circumstances should determine otherwise.

    I am well aware the traveling community must live somewhere (when not traveling that is).
    However, I have to say, they have no desire or intention to integrate or contribute to the local community whatsoever.

    It appears to be a matter of least interference and resistance from the planning office. Stand up and be counted.
    What is the matter with you all?

    Human rights is it? We all have them you know!

    • I can understand your concern, but anyone can submit a planning application, if they pay the right fee.
      Though in some cases officers have the delegated power to refuse an application on green belt grounds, without it going to committee.

  • I sincerely apologise to all for my outburst.
    My comments above were inaccurate and out of line.
    It just goes to show what can come out of ones brain given free reign.

    No offence was meant and the reply from ‘Admin’ is very informative.

  • We all know what will happen if permission is granted – get and inch / take a foot / push for a yard , this would just slowly but surely expand into more “facilities” and set a precedent .