?2.1 Million !

Well done to Hawkwell councillors John and Christine Mason for unearthing some startling figures about the financial cost of the Core Strategy:

Rochford District Council has spent ?2.1m plus over the past 7 years to April 2013 on the Core Strategy.
Within that ?350,000 to Consultants.
?1 million came from Council Tax and ?1.1 million from Government Grants making ?2.1 million overall.

Full article here.


UPDATE:? just to clarify this a little ,? the costs of planning policy work do amount to ?2.1 million over the last seven years -? but we are advised this? relates to the cost of preparing all local development framework documents including the Core Strategy, Supplementary Planning Documents, Statement of Community Involvement, Area Action Plans, Development Management DPD and so on.

  • This is something I have been wondering. Perhaps fewer rounds of well pubicised consultation. If the process is the requirement of govenment then RDC and other councils need to lobby for change. Can admin or any other District Councillor give an opinion on the time and money spent on this and how it has effected the running of the council.

  • Pot holes not filled in, verges not cut, no wonder – they’re too busy spending our money on schemes we don’t even want!. What on earth were the Consultants for – to tell them how to spend a bit more maybe.