15% To Parishes

Another new government announcement is that when a council operates a “Community Infrastructure Levy” on developers (which Rochford will introduce eventually) 15% of the money will be passed to the relevant Parish/Town Council where development is taking place with, apparently, no rules over how this cash can be spent…

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  • Rather not have the houses within Rawreth anyway but we will need some thought as to what to do with the funds to benefit our affected existing population.

  • While I cannot see it being universally popular Rayleigh could benefit from a complex like Basildon Leisure Park. Cinema, bowling centre and night clubs outside the town centre.

  • As you imply Bruce, that would be pretty controversial. Personally I think Rayleigh would benefit from more leisure facilities, but not night clubs outside the town… And that kind of development would be a commercial venture anyway, I just don’t see it being funded by CIL.

  • With all the proposed development planned for & already under construction in Rayleigh, I suggest the money goes to sort out infrastructure. London Road gets gridlocked on a regular basis, as do other parts of the town. We also need to consider future provision of schools, doctors etc. But please no more supermarket “Express” stores! The High St needs investment to encourage new businesses to fill the empty shops. Don’t let Rayleigh become a Basildon or Southend look alike! It is unique, with a lot of history, & most of us like it just the way it is!

  • One of the major problems in London Rd is the way the Lollipop “person” operates. Instead of waiting for a number of mums / kids before stopping the traffic she stops it for every individual. Hence massive tailbacks, she then stops the traffic for the adult mums on their way back from school despite there being a pelican crossing 100mtrs away. This happens twice a day in school term time, do these people receive any training ?. The cost to the local economy must be huge.

  • I agree, no more development of any sort please. How about some maintenance and clearer signing of the public footpath/bridleway network, and also seeing if there is any way this can be extended.

  • The leisure park. I said it would not be universally supported but it need not be at the Rawreth end of the town The Brook Road site is a possibility as it certainly needs an upgrade. Certainly think Rayleigh could do with a cinema, bowling alley, roller skating rink etc.

  • Bruce,

    You are are totally out of touch with what the people of Rayleigh want. If you like the sort to town that has these type of amenities then perhaps a move to Basildon or Southend would be in order.

    Given your previous posts about the joys of being a Luddite then you are not the right person to represent us.

  • Hockley has a bowling alley, Rochford has roller skating, Canvey has a cinema. Why shouldn’t Rayleigh have something similar if a suitable site and commercial finance became available?

  • A local cinema would be a nice thing to have. I don’t want to drive to Chelmsford or Basildon on a winter night to go to the cinema, especially at the cost of these big multi plex places, so I hardly ever go anymore. A reasonably priced, single screen local cinema I’m sure would be popular.

  • Dear Oz some posts are tongue in cheek. Especialy where Rayleigh Resident was concerned. Luddite – I am against inter net banking and the companies that are forcing as to do everything on line. Today I could not phone the bank because when I used the phone number I was directed to inter banking. Gas and electric providers want as all to pay on line. No personal service, all computerised hence the Luddite. The elderly in paritcular are very suspicious of thia aspect of life.
    But on the point of leisure facilities we are going to disagree. I cannot say I speak for a majority but the idea of a site with leisure facilities would have a lot of support. There is a need for youth provision and family activity.

  • ps: Christine Paine,

    I am a little confused by your posts, on one hand you say that you are opposed to any development (7) and then you are supporting a cinema (12). What would you like to see showing, Jeremy Irons in Bridleways Revisited.

  • We need to be careful that Rayleigh youth do not have the excuse that ‘there is no where for us to go’. Last year at the Christmas Lights there were nearly 200 young people converging on the teen shelter area and it was very intimidating. there has been problems in Hockley and Rochford which we donot want in our town. I agree with you in the fact that the vast majority want Rayleigh to stay as it is, which means that you would also agree that not all change is progress. See the Rayleigh Plan if you are not sure what I am refering to. e.g. multi storey car park Perhaps others can suggest facilities and I will add mine later.

  • I am opposed to any more develpment on green belt. However, if there were a suitable premises somewhere like Brook Road estate that could be converted to a cinema, or one that could be demolished and a cinema built, then that would not be “extra” development at all, it would merely change an existing development area to a new use. If that was something that would be of general benefit then I would be in favour of it.

  • Bruce,

    I agree that there is little to do for a 15 – 17 year old around here and the devil makes work for idle hands. Whilst the idea of a cinema may seem attractive to some I’m not sure you would get any of the big companies to fund a multi million pound investment when there are multiplexes within, say, 10 miles. Also the cost would probably be prohibitive for a young person, you can’t go every night.

    What about either a Roller Skating or Ice Rink, you can go every night ( providing it’s affordable ) and it’s somewhere to meet throughout the year. I imagine that a Roller Skating ring is less costly to run so it might attract investment. There is one in Rochford but it’s not an easy journey from here to there.

    Just a thought, has anybody actually asked /surveyed these kids to find out what they would like ?

  • I would think it would be better to have facilities in or close to the town centre ,we have to stop this mentality of out of town this and out of town that ! Brook road seems to be declining rapidly as an industrial area ,strange because it is close to good communications . If the demand for units is not there what is the point of proposals in London Road with such atrocious traffic problems? Another look at the Webster Way car park with more imagination could provide leisure facilities car parking as well as commercial uses to provide the finance .Shame the mill hall or one of the snooker halls could not be converted into a cinema .Should never have lost the Regal ! Realistically I doubt wether a single screen is sustainable ,shame .

  • thoughts on facilities.. possible ideas cinema, roller skating facility, ice rink better as a temporary feature, bowling alley but after these obvious ones Im struggling. However, having said all this thee is also a need for small rooms that groups can hire for clubs etc. We also need activities for the elderly or rather rooms where they can arrange their activities.

  • So, we are all in violent agreement that we need more facilities but there remains the slight issue of just who is going to pay for them……….Mmmmm, I’m guessing nobody.

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