10,000 20,000 Homes




Colonnade do have a brief mention of their Rochford/Southend scheme on their website – here.

And it’s for 20,000 homes.

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  • I’d be interested to know where the proposed northern access road will run. The sketch in their document appears to show it joining the A127 at Progress Road, and following Eastwood road before continuing to the Airport.

    This doesn’t seem very practical as it would be right through the middle of residential areas. It also doesn’t relieve much traffic from the A127. My concern is that a more practical route would skirt the residential areas, passing near to Hockley, Hullbridge, and emerging to join either the A1245 or A130M, to give better access to the A127, A12 and A13.

    This would make even more sense if the A130M gets linked to a Thames crossing at Canvey and extended to meet the A120 to form the Outer London Orbital that has often been talked about.

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