From the Guardian today:

China is expected to be allowed to build a nuclear power station in Essex as George Osborne embraced the world?s most populous country as an ideal partner for British business.

The chancellor, on a trade mission to the country, argued that Britain should ?run towards China? to help boost the UK economy and signalled that China could build a nuclear site in Bradwell, Essex, as part of a wider nuclear co-operation worth tens of billions of pounds.

?This civil nuclear cooperation ? opens the door to majority Chinese ownership of a subsequent nuclear project in Bradwell,? said Osborne, according to Reuters.

Energy minister Amber Rudd, accompanying Osborne, said the UK would benefit from low-carbon energy, while China wanted a first showcase in the west for its newly developed nuclear technology. ?They very much want to have their design up and running in the UK,? she told the Financial Times.

?That?s because we have such tough standards of regulation everyone can have confidence they are safe and show that they have a great operation to take elsewhere.?

However, the GMB union that represents nuclear workers, while welcoming the ?2bn support for Hinkley, said linking that deal to a reactor at Bradwell would be a ?betrayal? of British workers. Brian Strutton, GMB national secretary for energy, said: ?Chinese nuclear technology is unproven and no UK government should even consider allowing it to be used in a new nuclear power station 60 miles from London.?

PS our headline reads “China Might Build Nuclear Power Station Near Us”

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