Airport Expansion Given The OK For Takeoff

As the BBC reports:

The government has approved plans for a runway extension at Southend Airport in Essex.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government John Denham claimed the right to a final say on the extension earlier this year.

He could have called for a public inquiry on the decision made by Southend Borough Council planners.

But he has now told the council he is happy for the council to progress with the plans.


  1. I am pleased that this is proceeding. It will create 6,000 additional jobs & boost local economy. I understand that the size of aircrafts will remain the same but will be able to fly further down to the Mediteranian.
    My worry is the increase in traffic especially at the busy junctions on the A127 such as Kent Elms, Progress Road & Nevedon.

  2. As I have said before, I would like to see how many of these promised new jobs are new, and how many will be jobs moved from other sites such as the Hockley industrial estate when they decide to turn it into housing. If they are new jobs then great, but the plan to relocate businesses there would suggest the jobs are new to Southend Airport, not new to the district.

  3. In addition it would be nice to know the quality of the jobs.

    Are the 6,000 mentioned full time equivalent jobs or just the total including part time and temporary positions? How many are going to be low paid part time roles?

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