Yes, Minister….

Congratulations to Rochford and Southend East MP James Duddridge on becoming a minister in the Foreign Office, with responsibility for Africa.

He replaces James Simmonds, who has resigned, telling the Telegraph :

…. he was quitting as a Foreign Office minister and was standing down as an MP because he was unwilling to carry on staying in hotels while his family were hundreds of miles away in Lincolnshire…


  1. I’ve often thought it must be difficult for MPs who live some way away from London to leave their families so much, especially if it is a young family. Even with a second home rather than a hotel room if you have children in school you can’t shift them around from one place to another. Hard on any marriage I would think.

  2. I don’t know James Duddridge, but have seen him around at various RDC events. When he has his children with him he is an attentative Father. I hope he enjoys his new role and that he is able to ensure that his family life is not harmed by it.

  3. At least he has the advantage of not being that far away from Westminster. I’ve often thought that one of the reasons more women don’t stand for Parliament is the ridiculous working hours. Why have late night sittings when you could easily do normal working hours and then do the “paper work” at home in the evenings. It’s not really a family friendly job, as many an MP has found out.

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