Landhold’s Ideas For the “West Of Hullbridge” Site


If you are interested in the big planning application or applications coming on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders , you can find out more and offer comments (until June 30th) on Landhold Capital’s website here.

Here’s something on flooding:

hullbridge 2

And here’s what they say about transport (nothing very dramatic here….)

hullbridge 3

hullbridge 4

And these are their design principles:

hullbridge 5


  1. “Encouraging walking and cycling ” is salesman spin for ‘ because car traffic will be a nightmare due to no highway upgrading’ and ” water run-off at greenfield rate ” means Watery Lane flooding as it always has , the clue is in the name !!!!!.

  2. Anywhere with a cycle path is great by me, keeps those pesky Lycra clad ” I don’t care how much traffic is behind me” half wits off the road so the rest of us can get about our daily business.

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