Michael Hoy Set To Chair Review Committee

Looking through the paperwork for tomorrow night, we can see that Michael Hoy is the nomination to chair the review committee. This is the important committee that can call in and scrutinise decisions.

Having someone who is both a district councillor AND a county councillor chairing it is going to be interesting, he will have some additional channels of communication, and additional sources of information, which can only be good…


  1. How about we ask him to scrutinise the decision not to ” provide new and enhanced facilities for RTS&SC , in recognition of their contribution to Rayleigh life ” – which is how it was pitched to the Planning Inspector……..

  2. Hi Jim – unfortunately there does not appear, from my enquiries, to have been a formal decision by Councillors in Council to “call in” or scrutinise. If it has been made by Officers, because I think that that is the only other way the Council can make a “decision corporate”, then as I suggested before you could ask the Local Government Ombudsman to look at this under “maladminstration”.

  3. OK thank you , I will try it – but I think these sort of routes are designed to take the steam out of issues ( look how closely we are policed type of thing ) rather than achieve anything solid.

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