Chris Lumley , Chris Stanley And Chris Black Reporting Street Problems

It would get tedious to mention them all, but here’s a few of the ‘street’ items we’ve reported recently:

Bad pothole at the junction of Eastview Drive and Mortimer Road, reported by Chris Stanley last month using FixMyStreet:

eastview drive

More potholes reported by Chris Stanley, this time in Down Hall Close:

downhall close

One in Kings Farm, Rayleigh reported by Chris Black today, with a photo:

kings farm

And a blocked drain in London Road , Rayleigh reported directly to County Highways by Chris Lumley. What looks like a solid surface about two inches below the grille is thick sludge with leaves lying on top


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  1. Mortimer Road and Eastview was reported on 7TH January 2014. I know as I reported it. The hole has been marked but as yet no filling has been done.

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