Judicial Review !

As was mentioned in a comment here last week , campaigner Linda Kendall has arranged and financed a legal action – a Judicial Review – into whether the council  consulted properly on its core strategy and allocations document.

Even if she wins the court case and forced a rethink it might not ultimately change the amount of housing and the locations.

But even so its a very bold – though costly – thing for Mrs Kendall to do.  If anyone wants to contribute towards the cost, you could contact her via the Rayleigh Action Group website.

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  1. Two quotes for you :-
    Cllr K Hudson via Evening Echo ( Fri 11th April ) – “The process we went through was far and away more than is required in law in order to ensure the best possible communication with our residents over the past 7 years.”
    The Planning Inspector ( final report 14/02/14 ) – ” However, from what I have read and heard, it may be that there was an over- reliance on the use of Rochford Matters
    ( a free newspaper ) and that the information given about RASD and the CS that preceeded it was general rather than specific due to the Councils reluctance to summarise.”
    I rest my case your honour…….

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