A Telephone Survey

Rayleigh High Street
Rayleigh High Street


Chris Black writes:“Rochford District Council have arranged a telephone survey to ask residents about their shopping habits, and as it happens I was phoned today! When I was asked what would make me shop in Rayleigh more I replied free parking on Saturday afternoons,  and a wider range of shops. (We do shop in Rayleigh quite a lot anyway)”.


  1. well, one thing is certain Chris. No-one is ever going to starve to death in Rayleigh High St. Just from Crown Hill to Bellingham Lane alone there are now enough take-aways to feed the proverbial 5000 with some left-overs. I suppose it is better than boarded up shops, but I think a bit short sighted of the Council to let one particular retail section dominate quite so heavily.

  2. And there is an application for yet one more coffee shop next to the police station. I think it is the case that there can be no objection to a shop changing what it sells.

  3. Bruce,
    Whilst I understand yours, and others frustrations at the number of food / drink shops now in the High Rd my question is this: Imagine that YOU are investing part of the Smart millions in a business, just what would you open that could compete with on-line shopping ?

  4. Could not suggest anything as a potential retail outlet in Rayleigh. But I agree with what you imply i.e. that there must be a demand for food/ drink cafes or they would not be in business.

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