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Rochford District Council issues free sandbags

Due to the adverse weather conditions, Rochford District Council will be providing free sandbags and sand to those in need.
These will be available from BSG Buildbase, at Purdeys Industrial Estate, in tomorrow (Friday, February 14).
Residents will need to take proof of residency with them, such as a council tax or utility bill.
They will not be expected to pay for them, merely to sign for them.
Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Keith Hudson, said: “Because of the exceptional weather conditions we are experiencing at the moment, following urgent discussions with our officers this afternoon, Rochford District Council has approved this move to help residents all that we possibly can.”
Rochford District Council also called a meeting on Wednesday afternoon with partner agencies to discuss the response to flooding issues.
The meeting was a move to work more closely with Anglia Water, Essex County Council’s Highways department and the Flooding Partnership manager at Essex County Council to find joint solutions to tackle flooding.


  1. When I was walking the dog this morning there was a Highways Agency car in Church Road and every so often he was taking photos of the ditches and gullies.

  2. They have built my road up so high the water just now runs under my house, free sandbags are great but like myself there are people who need the physical help pensioners and such who will find filling and collecting their own difficult, I only need two bags across my doorway but still is difficult for me others must need much more help ….they released swewage down my road twice very high water like a river over a year ago since then nothing has dried out we are treated like we dont matter …..expendable only a few in the budgeting of things. I asked for sandbags and had no chance of putting them in place after being told no.

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