Bollards !



>At long last, County Highways have this week approved having 3 bollards at the London Road / Vernon Road junction. The item was raised again at the last local highways panel by Cllr Toby Mountain, who explained to new members the importance of this,and he was backed up by Chris Black, who asked why bollards couldn’t be installed within a month.

However the installation of bollards needs to be designed by an engineer, they need to get quotes from three companies (rather than have standard prices for basic stuff like bollards) and then maybe wait until the chosen contractor is doing other work in the area.

So it’s very frustrating, but slow progress is being made.

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  1. There are are a whole lot of bollards in the old chippings bay in the cut off piece of old Chelmsford Road beyond Withersden Farm . They are perfectly good concrete ones just dumped and buried under spoil . There are also many tons of old rough cut granite kerbs ,they surely could have been sold advantageously .

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