Still A Chance ?

The vote tonight to increase car parking charges AND end free parking on Saturday afternoons was quite close.
It might just be possible to persuade some councillors to switch sides and replace what was passed tonight by a compromise motion, that still increased the charges but kept free Saturday afternoons.

The key paragraph in the council constitution is this one:

16.1 Motion to Rescind a Previous Decision
A Motion or amendment to rescind a decision made at a meeting of Council within the past six months cannot be moved unless the Notice of Motion is signed by at least 8 Members.


  1. Chris let us know when this is and we will get you a big turnout in the public gallery to give moral support.
    (apologies for my absence last night – I have the Flu)……JIM.

  2. Are the increases for all the District or just Rayleigh?Having asked the question it is still the fact that Rayleigh is the largest town and has most parking spaces. I do think the decision should be challenged and hopefully the abstainers will decide to vote one way or the other.

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