Fancy A Walk On Sunday?

Sweyne Park

This Sunday (20 October 2013) there will be a walk at Sweyne Park Open Space led by Geoff Dawson, who was the Parks and Open Spaces Officer for Rochford District Council for over 20 years prior to his retirement earlier this year. As such he was very much involved in the planting of the park and will no doubt have a few stories to tell.

The walk starts at 10am leaving from the car park off of Downhall Park Way and is free. Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome too.

If anyone needs any further information please  contact  Heather Meggison on 01702 318057.


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  1. For the most part RDC gets a bit of a kicking on this site but let’s congratulate them on the creation and the on-going work to make Sweyne Park a nice place have in the area. RDC please no cuts so that it falls into disrepair !!

    On second thoughts lets use some( or all )of the 5 million quid yoof budget to keep it nice, it can go towards, mmmmm let me think now, ah yes, repairing the arson damage or replacing broken saplings or removing graffiti or replacing damaged fencing on the bridal path or collecting rubbish around the skate board park.

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