The 2013 “Mission Impossible” Crumball Rally


Rayleigh resident Chris Sheppard is raising money for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance by driving a £200 car over 2000 miles around Europe. it’s part of the Crumball Rally:

What is Mission Impossible 2013?

A driving tour that won’t cost you a fortune in time or money, but will give you a trip to remember, driving on some of Europe’s finest roads (in some of Europe’s worst cars!).

While we may not give you an M.I. opportunity to “Save the World”, we do give teams the chance to raise money for many great worthwhile causes, and although we welcome, and encourage teams to do the event for charity, we don’t make it a condition of entry.

Support en route

Sorry but no! Surely you really wouldn’t appreciate it if we deprived you of the uncertainty each day on whether your chosen vehicle will start in the morning let alone break down miles from anywhere, on a mountain pass in a strange country! Our advice is to travel light, and the less of you that are in the car, the easier it will be to thumb a lift with the other Crumballers.


If you would like to help Chris Sheppard’s fundraising , please visit  here.

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