A Message From Pam Waldie

Pam Waldie – the LOCAL Candidate who can beat the Chelmsford Tory

Dear Fellow Resident,

My name is Pam Waldie and I have lived in Rayleigh for the past 9 years. I have been helping our local Liberal Democrats deliver their newsletters and now I am stepping forward and standing for election to the County Council for Rayleigh South.

I am particularly interested in health issues and care for the elderly. Also, with two children serving in the police service I understand crime and policing issues. I am certainly not a career politician but I have the local knowledge to help residents.

In the last year or so the appearance of Rayleigh has suffered Ė too many potholes and too much graffiti. The very least I expect from the County Council is that they remove graffiti from their own bus shelters, but it didnít happen until local Lib Dems chased this up. I also want to see the police catching the people who make the grafitti !

Potholes arenít just a cosmetic issue Ė they damage cars and are a danger for cyclists. Our part of Essex simply hasnít been treated fairly by the County Council Ė we have been getting much less money for road maintenance than other areas of the county.

Iíve already mentioned that Iím local; I am† amazed to find out that the Conservative candidate lives miles away near Chelmsford. He doesnít tell people that in his first leaflet. Rayleigh deserves better. Rayleigh voters are being taken for granted.

We need someone to put forward the local view, and not just follow a party line. Please give me your support on May 2nd, and if you would like to help my campaign, please phone or email me.

Best Regards
Pam Waldie

46 Deepdene Avenue Rayleigh. Phone: 01268 780003
Email: jamelapj@googlemail.com Website: www.onlinefocus.org

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