Litter Bins Request

We have asked the District Council for more litter bins at the playing fields at Priory Chase. We are getting complaints about an increase in litter there, perhaps some bins in the right places would help.!
The council response is that this will be put forward as part of the planned spend for the new financial year.


  1. I used to be the caretaker at the C of E Primary School opposite this photo back in 2010 and every morning I’d clear up bottles, food wrappers, ciggy packets etc before school started. I doubt those leaving this kind of rubbish would use a bin anyway. The round-about is a regular meeting place at the junction where the various fields meet.

  2. Agree something needs to be done but what can be done about the dog mess all along the pavement that is used to walk to school? It’s truly disgusting. Whoever is letting their dog do this should be ashamed!!

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