Southend Airport Want An Extension To Their Extension

Southend Airport already have planning permission for an extension to their terminal building. That extension is being built now.

The airport is now applying for another extension of their terminal. They say this would improve passenger facilities and allow the UK Border Agency to separate arriving international passengers from arriving domestic passengers.

Planning officers are in favour of the proposal, saying that although the site is in Green Belt, it is an airport and an exceptional circumstance.

It will be discussed by councillors at a committee meeting on March 21st

As always, we will keep an open mind in advance of the meeting.


  1. After much thought I have decided to “retire” from this site, it’s a bit like peeing yourself in dark trousers, makes you feel nice and warm but nobody knows your doing it. There is no doubt that a very small minority of people do care about the town and the surrounding area but I can’t help feeling that most people could not give a fig.

    So, farewell to all.


  2. RR, thank you very much for the contributions you have made (you are our current record holder, with 425 comments). It will be a pity to see you go.

    Yes things are frustrating at times, but actually its like peeing out of the window of a tall building, it does have an impact but you don’t see it ! We get an average of 159 different visitors every day , that’s over 4000 visits a month and I know that it includes a lot of the local ‘big hitters’ – one very senior Conservative told me yesterday that he reads it twice a day!

    The website is based on the belief that we have a lot of capable people in our district who care about where they live but don’t think they have the time to get involved – we want to reach out to them.

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