The Hullbridge Viewpoint

It’s interesting that Michael and Diane Hoy can get 100 people to a public meeting in Hullbridge on future development when the District Council can only get 1 ordinary member of the public to the West Area Forum, which covers Hullbridge AND Rayleigh AND Rawreth !
You can read an account of the meeting here, from John and Christine Mason. They mention:

?sewerage at capacity
?creates a new community out of cohesion with Hullbridge
?the development offers youth provision where it is not needed
?the development offers more A1 Retail where it is not needed
?access over Malyons will create congestion
?Watery Lane improvements will be 10?s of £M – economically viable?
?Flooding issues to be dealt with by major engineering offsite in the Rawreth area creating further development
?This site is not viable and nor are the alternatives which suffer from the same issues
?Surface water flooding issues are assessed on insurance claim criteria – not assessed because there are no insurance claims for flooding in green fields
?Tidal reflux in 3 rivers has effect on flooding – will affect Hockley and other areas upstream


…. the Allocations Submission Document is not sound as the Highways Authority has evidently not looked strategically at the cumulative effect of traffic impacts on the Rochford Core Strategy through the Local Transport Plan because the information quoted by Essex County Council has not been published in the Evidence Base.

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