woowoocoolbastards is the name of a blog we’ve just spotted,† written by a singer songwriter Paul Schiernecker , who lives in Essex (and maybe even in Rayleigh). Here’s a sample:

Panic on the streets of Rayleigh

What happened to that attitude. Now when it snows people just get the arse-ache, complaining about how they canít get into work or what a hassle it is sweeping the snow.

How about we all just forget about those silly grown up attitudes and just appreciate how beautiful it is. This morning I was sat at the bus stop with my boo and it was so serene and peaceful that it almost made me forget about everything else that dragged me out of bed at half past six. Thatís the way snow should be. Itís only a pain in the arse if you try to do anything so lets just let the taps run for a couple of days and not get too hung up on those things we hold onto so tightly that really donít matter at all. Before you think of matters of life and death, concentrate on life alone.


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