When Planning Doesn’t Go According To Plan….

Sometimes big deals between a council and a developer do go wrong.

Just look at this situation in Brentwood where 8 Lib Dems councillors, 2 Conservative, 1 Labour and 1 independent are making on a stand. A deal with a developer that was supposed to provide a cinema for the town isn’t going according to plan:

The William Hunter Way scheme has become a protracted farce having been first agreed by majority of members back in June 2007. Over five years later and nearly four years subsequent to planning approval being granted, the project has stalled.
The councils administration has categorically failed to deliver on its promise to provide a cinema for Brentwood residents.
As a consequence, the developer has now explained to the council that they wish to renegotiate the financial deal so that it better suits them in the current economic climate. That is inevitably likely to be to the detriment of Brentwoods council tax payers. We as undersigned view this as unacceptable.

What’s more the councillors and the council administration are in dispute over a date mentioned in a council minute…


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