Bloody Hell ! A Stormy Night In The Council Chamber




Last night the District Council approved the latest stage of the Core Strategy – the specific allocations for housing and other development. This will now go to public consultation, on whether it  is sound and legal….

The Conservatives voted it through (although Cllr Angela Hale from Hullbridge abstained.)

The Lib Dems present  and the Greens all voted against.

Setting out the Lib Dem objections, Chris Black said that

  • the council still couldn’t say what improvements were needed to Watery Lane,
  • there hadn’t been a traffic impact study on the cumulative effect of the  sites to the west of Rayleigh,
  • the new open spaces were small compared with open places like Sweyne Park
  • Rayleigh Sports and Social Club were being bullied by the council -  into being  relocated so that houses could be built on their present site.

This accusation of bullying (not of course  by individuals, but the actions of the council as a whole)  angered a few Tories. Councillor Colin Seagers stood up, facing Chris (who sits almost behind him) and spoke to him in a stern voice. Memories differ on what was actually said (it was a highly charged moment)

Whilst Cllr Seagers was speaking there was some gentle booing from the public gallery and one lady could be heard saying  “Bloody hell”.



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