The Cost of Crumbling Roads

Brentwood Lib Dem County Councillor David Kendall has used a Freedom of Information request to find out how much the County Council is paying out to drivers because of potholes:

Over the last three years a staggering £0.5 million has been paid out by Conservative run Essex County Council to 1502 residents whose cars have been damaged by potholes on the County’s roads. This staggering statistic was revealed in a freedom of information request by Liberal Democrat County Councillor David Kendall.
Cllr Kendall commented:
“These figures show the true scale of the problem and prove that Essex County Council is still struggling to repair roads after years of neglect by the Conservatives. Whilst I am pleased to see that 1500 residents have recieved some compensation from the County Council I am concerned that there are at least another 2,000 residents who have made claims over the same period and will be getting nothing”.
“These shocking figures may have forced the Tories into investing £11 million pounds in emergency pothole repairs just 8 months before the County Council Elections but for many long suffering Essex residents this will be to little to late as the damage has been done”.

They may be shocked in Brentwood, but here in Rayleigh some of us are surprised that the figures aren’t even higher, considering the state of our roads in recent times….

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