A Sobering Video

This video is on YouTube, showing Rayleigh at 2 am on Sunday Mornings in July
WARNING:There is quite a lot of swearing, some urination in the street and one violent incident at about 6 mins 15 secs in.

Hat-Tip: Rayleigh~Essex Facebook page

The police can be seen to arrive pretty quickly after the violent incident, and on the facebook page there’s a statement that

Thankfully the Police appear to have acted as all has been relatively quiet since this nasty incident took place.

DISCLAIMER FOR LEGAL REASONS: We have mentioned this video in case it provides an insight for our readers, including other councillors and council officers. However the video is not made by us, the written commentary is not from us, and we are not putting forward any view of our own here. Ron and Chris will of course keep an open mind and treat fairly any planning or licensing applications in accordance with the code of conduct. Please be very careful in any comments you make below – preferably NOT mentioning any particular premises and certainly not individuals.

The First Flyers Of Fambridge

Early hot air balloon flight, 1784

The bookstall inside Rayleigh Lanes recently had a couple of copies of “Essex And Its Race For The Skies 1900-1939” by Graham Smith.

As you’d expect from the title, it deals with flying in Essex before WW2. But it also covers flights in Essex before 1900. A really long time before.

Let’s go back to 1783. The Montgolfier Brothers in France invent a hot-air balloon and Etienne Montgolfier makes the first manned ascent. News of this travels fast.

By the next spring there are already flights taken in place in England. On June 3rd 1784 one arrived at Fambridge! According to the diary of John Crosier, A Maldon miller:

“3rd June, a large balloon descended in a field near Fambridge … with Major Money and another gentlemen, both heavy men. They came down about three o’clock in the afternoon, pack’d it up and convy’d it to Maldon in a cart. The car, in the form of a boat, was superb’

It’s not altogether clear that this was South Fambridge rather than North Fambridge. But even so , it must have been a startling site for anyone who saw it. Men descending out of the sky!