“Every Councillor has the right to speak up and be heard”

Rochford Life has an interview with Rochford Parish Councillor Sarah Rogers that’s worth a read:

…..Every Councillor has the right to speak up and be heard. People have different opinions and different opinions hold sway at different times. Some people, for instance, would say that the jewel in the crown was the cemetery whereas another would say that is for deceased people but our jewel in the crown is St. Marks because thatís for people who are alive today. Thatís two very different opinions but you can see both points of view. We take pride in both, but itís important to speak what you feel. I love the Christmas events that we do, and itís very good having the opportunity to muck in. Itís having the opportunity to give something back to the community.

“Every Councillor has the right to be speak up and be heard” ? “It’s important to speak what you feel”?
Good, honest, democratic sentiments. You can tell they don’t have a cabinet system!

UKIP Receive A Defector On Canvey

From the Echo:

Canvey Island’s county councillor Brian Wood has joined the UK Independence Party.

Mr Wood, currently an independent councillor representing the Canvey Island East Division, will now stand for re-election in May 2013 under the UKIP banner…..

It will be interesting to see how much of an effort UKIP make in Rayleigh and Rochford at next year’s County Council elections…. and whether they can strike a deal with the English Democrats….