“Every Beaten-Down Nameless Working Stuff Who Used To be Part of The Middle Class…”

Chris Black writes:

Over the past umpteen years we’ve concentrated on local stuff on onlineFOCUS. Certainly not world politics. But there’s a certain fellow in the news a lot these days and he’s been being mentioned in the comments here. This video, made by left–winger Michael Moore before the election, predicted that Trump would win and explains why. better than anything else I’ve seen. Moore voted for Hilary Clinton, but understood what a lot of Trump supporters felt.

WARNING: Bad language:

Hat-tip: www.outsidethebeltway.com

“Oh, Only Since I Was Two”

The Polls close at 10 pm this evening. A huge thanks to everyone who has voted for us!

The count starts at Clements Hall tomorrow morning, we will obviously write about it tomorrow, though the quickest news online is probably from the Evening Echo Twitter Feed.

It’s traditional for us to have a video on election days. So here’s something from the “West Wing” about wanting to serve. Blonde Republican Ainsley has been invited to the White House after she criticised the Democrats’ education policy on TV, and she gets an unexpected offer:


A Thought-Provoking Point Of View On Pedestrian Crossings

The video below explains why pedestrian crossings may not always make you safer. The question is, though, is US data valid for our country? And how would you help blind or partially sighted people without crossings?


Hat-tip: Mark Pack

Best Wishes For Christmas

Best Wishes to all our readers! We’ll be back on Boxing Day. So here’s a Christmas video – one of the best scenes from the US series the “West Wing”.

It’s Christmas in the White House – but speechwriter Toby is in trouble for arranging a military honour guard and funeral for a homeless veteran, using the President’s authority without his knowledge.

The Best And the Worst Of Rochford

As reported on the BBC today:

Residents of Rochford in Essex came to the rescue of the organisers of the town’s festive lights switch-on when the Christmas tree was felled overnight by vandals.

District Council chairman Heather Glynn said she was proud of the way the town’s community spirit shone through.

The festive light celebration organiser Pete Tobit said: “It was great that so many people pitched up to help us restore the tree and for them to show such a strong community spirit.”